Friday, September 11, 2015

Lake Superior Circle (Part 4)

Breakfast burritos again- great for breakfast- it's the plate you can eat! The morning showed a bit of fog on the big lake. Packing up, the zipper on the table bag broke. We lost an hour trying to fix it, and gave up (I was able to fix it later at the cabin when I pulled the tools out). We drove Gargantua Road to Gargantua Bay- a fun back road through the woods. Had a challenging but enjoyable walk on the cobblestone beach. The big, smooth stones constantly shifted under foot.

Gargantua Road

Cobblestones at Gargantua Bay

Rocky is not liking walking on the rocks.

Strike a pose...

The beach goes on forever.

A small stream enters the bay.

Rocky wondering what's on the other side...

Beach pea.
Rock meets sand.

 Back in the truck, we stopped at the Sand River – there was very interesting stone there- and then drove to Kathy’s friend's cabin on a lake in the woods of Ontario about an hour from the big lake.

The Sand River.
Interesting rock.

River of rock in more rock.
The cabin in the woods is a beautiful old Adirondack-style log cabin with accessory buildings including a log sauna. No electricity but propane lights, stove and refrigerator. We enjoyed a nice happy hour on the beach with our hosts before a very good dinner of steak, sweet corn, potato salad and cucumbers with a nice bottle of wine. There was chocolate for dessert and good conversation.

Cabin in the woods.

The guest cabin, formerly the ice house.

The sauna.

Nicest outhouse- running water to the sink.

Happy hour on the beach. The tasty snacks prepared by our hosts had not yet arrived.

Sunset over the lake.

Old and new friends.

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